Mission, vision,  philosophy


Our mission is to produce aluminium through a safe ecological process and refine it into alloys of the required shape and properties to meet the needs of the processors and end-users of products made from our metal.


We will be:

  • Working without accidents and incidents with high risk potential,
  • Exemplary in the area of occupational health and safety,
  • A leader in corporate social responsibility,
  • Minimising the environmental impact of our activities, continuously reducing volume of waste and emissions even more than required by law,
  • A leader in quality and customer care,
  • A permanently growing company attractive to investors, seeking suitable investment opportunities, developing business activities and increasing the value of the company for the shareholders,
  • A company engaged in all aspects of the life cycle of aluminium,
  • A benchmark in use of operational technology,
  • Educating and preparing our people for key positions using only own resources.


All our activities are grounded in fundamental ethical principles and laws.


  • By understanding and meeting the requirements of our customers we build relationships with our partners,
  • Our helpfulness towards and respect for the customer is part of strengthening mutual trust.


  • We place great emphasis on the occupational health and safety of our employees and on creating an optimal working environment,
  • We are open to new ideas, trends and changes,
  • We continuously try to improve processes and make them more efficient by identification of reserves and wasting, and by implementation of new modern applications and solutions,
  • We create opportunities for our employees which actively help us move together towards our goals,
  • We perceive our employees as the most valuable asset of our Company and for this reason we carefully pay heed to their satisfaction and development,
  • The principles of company governance, openness and mutual respect and a strong social policy contribute to creating positive relationships and loyalty


  • We guide and manage our business in a way that ensures the permanent development of the Company and the satisfaction of our shareholders,
  • Though profit is for us a significant indicator of performance, it is not the sole goal important to us.


  • We respond promptly to the expectations of society and actively cooperate and maintain close contacts with state and public bodies and institutions,
  • We sensitively perceive the need for caring for the environment, and for this reason consideration and respect for ecology is part and parcel of our everyday work,
  • We value responsible entrepreneurial activities and encourage our business partners and the surroundings in which we operate to do the same.


  1. Safety
  2. Quality and reliability
  3. Pro-active approach and respect towards customers
  4. Openness, a communicative approach and mutual respect
  5. Cooperation
  6. Active participation in fulfillment of objectives
  7. Education and workmanship
  8. Economic and ecological awareness
  9. Lawfulness
  10. Loyalty