Safety First

Our goals are:

  • no work accidents among employees of the company or contractors‘employees,
  • no occupational diseases among both the employees of the company and contractors’ employees,
  • prevention of major industrial accidents.

Occupational health and safety comes first in all Slovalco business activities and forms part of an integrated management system.

We are aware of our responsibility for the safe operation of equipment for the production of aluminium and aluminium products. However, we will not be satisfied with the fulfilment of legislative requirements only. Through continuous improvement and the effective utilization of risk management tools, we create working conditions which are not prone to accidents, injuries, or illnesses. Our efforts are concentrated on activities related to liquid metal, the use of mobile equipment, cranes, materials handling and the working environment.

The first requirement for success is that we all have to identify ourselves with the Safety Policy. By mutual communication and clearly defined objectives, we will ensure every employee’s understanding and support.

We provide sufficient funds for carrying out the Safety Policy and supporting the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. We provide and organize training courses and prepare our employees to make them competent and qualified for their work, duties and responsibilities. We annually audit the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and its compliance with the declared policy. All employees are integrated into the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Safety Policy adherence and the realization of one’s personal responsibilities in the area of occupational health and safety is the responsibility of each and every employee (personal undertaking must come from the employee’s inner belief).

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