Education and Culture

Slovalco actively participates in charitable and humanitarian activities in the region of Žiar nad Hronom.

The activities of Slovalco are carried out through the ZSNP and Slovalco Foundation that was founded in 1993 under the original name ZSNP Foundation, and renamed to its current name in 2004. The ZSNP and Slovalco Foundation is the only institution of this kind in the area.

The main mission of the foundation is supporting selected areas of social life:

  • support of education
  • protection and generation of the environment
  • protection and support of health, providing social help
  • preservation of cultural values

Each of these areas covers support projects which are focused at employees of Slovalco and ZSNP, and general public in the whole area of the Slovak Republic, however, mainly in the town Žiar nad Hronom and the respective region. Support of education is the highest priority.

Each year, grants are provided to increase the quality of education in kindergartens, elementary schools and secondary schools in Žiar nad Hronom and its surroundings by purchase of books, didactic aids, computer technique and the necessary equipment for classrooms.

The objective of the ZSNP and Slovalco Foundation is to keep supporting and developing the region by preparation of projects focused at employees of Slovalco, Hydro Extrusion Slovakia, ZSNP and general public of the region of Žiar nad Hronom.

Currently, the foundation is funded from taxes paid by natural persons and legal entities.

The Board of Directors of the Foundations consists of:
Chairman of the Board: Ing. Milan Veselý, PhD. MBA
Members of the Board:
Ing. Rudolf Knapp, MBA
Ing. Viktor Fára
Ing. Ján Klimko
Mgr. Peter Antal