Our Products

Slovalco is primary aluminium producer. Our final products are aluminium alloys in the shape of extrusion ingots and primary foundry alloys shaped as ingots. Aluminium products are further processing in other industries (automotive, aircraft, electro-technical, construction etc.).

Extrusion ingots dominated the total production in 2014, reaching the ratio of 63%. The extrusion ingots are shaped as long cylinders or logs, with the diameter of 15,2 to 27,9 cm and the length of 0,4 up to 7 meters. The minimum weight of a single extrusion ingot is 350 kilograms.

The second most important product is primary foundry alloys. Primary aluminium is refined by alloys such as silicon, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and titanium. The primary foundry alloys are sold as ingots (8 kg each) stacked in bundles with the maximum weight of 1 ton. They amount to 37% of the total sales.

Slovalco is a producer with high share of export which represents more than 70% of the total production. Despite this, the highest share of customers is from Slovakia (app. 30%), followed by Italy (app. 20%) and Austria together with the Czech Republic (both more than app. 10%).