Entry Conditions

We want you to feel safe and good during the visit. Hence, we would like to ask you to reed and adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Visitors are allowed to enter Slovalco premises only when accompanied by an authorized person. During the visit, they must follow the instructions of such person.
  2. Visitors must wear safety helmet and protective coat when visiting production facilities.
  3. The required personal protective equipment is available at the gate. Please, return the protective equipment after the site tour.
  4. It is forbidden to enter production facilities wearing short pants or skirts. Visitors of production premises are advised to wear long trousers.
  5. It is forbidden to enter production facilities wearing open shoes, sandals, tennis shoes and/or high heel lady shoes. We recommend using enclosed leather shoes. If you are not properly dressed and booted, we will lend you appropriate protective trousers and safety shoes.
  6. Do not enter the Potroom with watches or credit cards. They could be permanently damaged by strong magnetic field. Observe instructions of accompanying person and leave them in the room where you will be handed protective equipment.
  7. It is dangerous to life for the people with artificial heart valve or cardiac pacemaker to get near or enter the Potroom.
  8. Use of cameras within Slovalco premises is allowed only with the permission of the CEO.

Thank you!