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Dear visitors!

Slovalco is a metallurgy company producing aluminium through the process of electrolysis. Aluminium is subsequently processed to aluminium products and dispatched to customers. Metallurgical production is a demanding process, typically involving transfer of great volumes of material and loads, use of high power capacities and various chemical substances. Therefore, it is important to put maximum focus on safety and protection of health of employees, business partners and visitors.

Slovalco allows excursions in production and non-production areas. However, the excursions are not possible for individuals. They are meant for larger groups, especially for technical, electro technical or metallurgy high schools and universities/colleges. Topics and proceeding of the excursion can be customized based on requirements of the participants, however, only to the extent preventing any dangerous situations. Excursions usually start with theoretical part, where the participants learn interesting facts about Slovalco, followed by a site tour, where the visitors can see aluminium production process.

Only persons older than 18 years are allowed to enter production facilities (accompanied by appointed employee of Slovalco). If this condition is not met, the site tour requires written permission of the CEO.

Visitors not wearing long trousers and firm, enclosed shoes will not be allowed to enter Slovalco premises. Slovalco will provide yellow coat, safety helmet, eye protection and ear protection to the visitors at the gate (see the picture at the end of this text showing correctly worn safety gear).

Please, read also important information on the page Entry Conditions!

If you are interested in the excursion, use the enclosed Application Form.

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