Production of aluminium and aluminium products is a complicated process that requires correct decisions for successful management. The objective of the test laboratories is to provide information and support for such decisions. The test lab quality policy is in accordance with the approved IMS policies of Slovalco, taking into consideration accreditation criteria of the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017  adapted to the conditions of inspection and test laboratories.

The management of the test laboratories is responsible for providing good quality testing services to the customers and to ensure that these activities are done in accordance with best practice for the work in laboratories.

The test lab management undertakes to meet the requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for quality management system and to continuously improve its efficiency.

Credibility of the employees who carry out the tests is based on their competence. We will regularly follow-up modern testing trends in aluminium metallurgy and provide adequate education to the lab employees. All test lab employees dealing with testing activities are obliged to actively work with the quality documentation and to apply the quality policy and procedures in their work.

The main activities of the test laboratories include testing of input raw materials and materials, checking production process quality and verification of quality of finished products. Ensuring good quality services in this area means providing correct, accurate and timely information on performed test, as needed by a customer. Tests must be conducted in accordance with determined methods and requirements or expectations of customers; test results will be delivered at the first attempt and without errors.

Top management of the company will provide the necessary resources for operation of the test lab quality management system and promote the principle of impermissibility of influencing the persons responsible for control and testing. Employees of the laboratories undertake to work impartially and independently and to maintain confidentiality of the data related to the performed tests.