Slovalco, a joint stock company, was founded in 1993 in Žiar nad Hronom in the area with long tradition in production and processing of aluminium. The main subject of enterprise is production of aluminium in a modern and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to the significant position on international and domestic market and social approach to employees, the company in the long-term maintains its credit of attractive and reliable employer in the region.

Our philosophy is: People are the most important asset of the company. The more successful the people are, the more successful the organization can be.

We want our employees in all positions to be satisfied and have positive work motivation. We want them to work in clean and safe environment with well-equipped workplaces. At the same time, we give them possibilities for relax in cooperation with the trade union organization, so they come to work rested and gladly. We also use immaterial motivation elements.

By continuous explanation of goals and intentions of the company (both short-term and long-term) and discussion about them we want our employees to understand the aims of the company and identify with them.

We employ outstanding professionals from various areas. Are you interested in becoming a member of our team?

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Those interested in study at vocational secondary school can use Dual education.