The purpose of the Integrated management system is to:

  • ensure that the products of the company meet the requirements and expectations of customers
  • achieve considerate environmental behavior
  • protect health of employees and create conditions for safe operation
  • ensure continuity of key processes to achieve the set business goals
  • reduce the risk of loss of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information in the company

Production of aluminium is a complicated process. Technology, information, people inputs and outputs. There are great forces of disorder acting in such complex organism. Dust and smoke, for instance, can jeopardize the environment, cause pain and reduce visual ability which may cause mistakes of operators, impair quality of products and lead to injuries. Disturbance of key processes can negatively affect achieving of determined business goals of the company, satisfaction of employees and customers. Similarly, the level of information (which is input of all processes) is considerably influenced by the quality of outputs. There are obvious relations among quality, the environment, occupational safety and information security. Unsatisfactory quality, environmental problems and risk of injuries basically have common cause – certain level of disorder and randomness. In Slovalco, we reduce it by efficient management systems. Good system organizes and simplifies, provides order and structure. Systematic approach is supported by generally recognized international standards.