Dual Education

In April 2015, Slovalco was successfully certified for provision of dual education. Slovalco is a member of common-interest association of legal entities InTech Žiar nad Hronom, which is a founder and administrator of Private secondary technical vocational school in Žiar nad Hronom, founded in 2008.

Since the school year of 2015/2016, the school provides dual education in several fields of study – three-year branch Engineering production operator and four-year branches Mechatronics technician and Mechanical adjuster.

Dual education brings many advantages to students. Among the most important ones are practical training in production companies, the possibility to acquire practical skills on modern production equipment, as well as the opportunity to feel how it is to be employed or learn what are the requirements and the culture of the companies. At the same time, the students have great chance to be offered a job still during their studies. Another benefits worth mentioning are company-provided scholarships, working clothes and food allowance.

The school has been cooperating with Slovalco for some time. The cooperation had the elements of dual education even before the law on professional education was passed. In the new system, the students will have more practical education which will largely take place at certified workplaces.

Based on the dual education agreements, the costs for practical education are borne by the companies for which the students of the Private secondary technical vocational school in Žiar nad Hronom are being trained.

Certificate Certificate